Perpetual IPA

Discover the best-selling IPA in Pennsylvania. Bold and citrusy thanks to six hop varieties.

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Rebel with a sweet side

Troegenator, our year-round double bock, is dark lager for people who love beer.

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Sunshine Pilsner

A bright and refreshingly clean American craft pilsner.

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Our Beers

Considering a new go-to for the beer fridge? Our year-round lineup features hoppy ales and captivating lagers, as well as wheat beers and Belgian-style ales. Find your favorite.
The Hop Cycle represents our vision of the hop-growing season. Featuring four hoppy ales, Hop Cycle beers are available in bottles, cans and draft for about three months each, and represent a key part of our Canthology variety packs.
These highly sought-after fan favorites – think Mad Elf, Nugget Nectar, Master of Pumpkins and more – only come around once a year. Grab them while you can!
Our Canthology variety packages features our favorite year-round and seasonal beers and rotates about every three months in step with our seasonally rotating Hop Cycle IPAs.
Our wood-aged beers are deep cuts. Sometimes we add fruit for tartness. Or wild yeast for funk. Sometimes we add both. Put these beers in your favorite glass or put them in your cellar. The next chapter is yours.
We craft more than just beer! From hard seltzers to fruit-forward, cocktail-influenced beverages and sparkling refreshers, our palate is as diverse as yours. Cool off with one of our beer alternatives!
Visiting Tröegs has plenty of perks. Scratch-made food, the Best Brewery Tour in America, a friendly atmosphere … and best of all, beers you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for something off the beaten beer path, try a brewery exclusive.

The art and science of brewing

“At Tröegs, we’re focused on the art and science of brewing,” says brewmaster John Trogner. “And because we ask ‘why’ at every turn, we’re always making discoveries about ingredients and brewing techniques and how they intersect to create flavor. We honor tradition and use classic techniques, and we’re obsessed with precision. But we’re very much pushing in new directions.”

The right ingredients

A big part of brewing is tasting ingredients and how they work together. For us, understanding the “why” is fun.

Recipe development

Our Scratch Series is where we’re constantly innovating through the lens of 20+ years of brewing experience.

Cornerstone of quality

Every step of the way, a nimble team of lab techs, chemists and microbiologists keeps a careful eye on our beer.

The art of packaging

Our co-workers and state-of-the-art machinery minimize oxygen pickup and keep our beer brewery-fresh.

The Latest Scratch Beers

Our earliest roots start with a six-gallon pot, a beat-to-crap stove, and a burning desire. Today, we brew each Scratch Beer on our custom small-batch brewhouse with the same aspirations to endlessly ponder, sketch, brew, tweak, flip, sample, gather your feedback and happily return to the drawing board.
Total Scratch Series to date: 495
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