Summer of Sunshine Variety 15-pack

Our Summer of Sunshine 15-pack offers beers for everyone under the sun. Inside, you’ll find our bright and refreshing year-round Sunshine Pilsner alongside FOUR beers exclusive to the pack: the brand-new Sunshine Salt + Lime Lager and Leisure Cruise Raspberry Wheat, plus the crisp, clean Summer’s Here Lager and Perpetual Haze Hazy IPA. It’s the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures this summer!


Sunshine Pilsner

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It takes the right ingredients, people and processes to nail the complex balance of two-row barley, zesty Saaz hops and lager yeast. Secondary fermentation creates natural carbonation that delivers soft notes of fresh-cut straw and flowering herbs. In the end, this bright and refreshingly clean American craft pilsner is our go-to when the sun is shining and makes us happy when skies are gray. We taste: bright citrus, flowering herbs, honeyed biscuit

Sunshine Salt + Lime Lager

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Cool ocean breeze. Sun-kissed sand. And Sunshine Salt & Lime Lager. Sounds like a summer we can get behind. Our bright & crisp lager delivers a zesty note of lime and touch of salt that will transport you to the shore. Whether it’s hot days or long nights, this is the beach beer you want in hand.

Summer's Here Lager

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Bring on those summer vibes with this petite yet flavorful lager. Starting with pilsner malt and flaked rice, we employ krausening to lend a crisp finish and subtle fruity esters. Dry-hopping with Citra and Saaz unveils notes of bright citrus, lemon rind and flowering herbs. Our refreshing pale white-gold brew cheerfully declares, “Summer’s Here!”

Leisure Cruise Raspberry Wheat

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It’s time to kick back. Stroll into the shade, float on to that happy place and enjoy a Leisure Cruise. Our raspberry wheat ale is a classic lighter bodied beer with big flavor. Adding real raspberries after fermentation keeps those bright pops of fruit up front while you bask in those little escapes.

Perpetual Haze

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Loading … Perpetual Haze. This beer combines the clean, crisp bitterness of a West Coast IPA and the softness of a hazy. Pale malts lay down an underlying complexity. Raw wheat, London 3 yeast and vigorous dry-hopping stir up a haze that cradles the citrusy hop combination. Front and center are Citra and Cashmere, unlocking juicy notes of orange, passionfruit and nectarine. We taste: juicy citrus, passionfruit, nectarine