LolliHop DIPA

LolliHop DIPA

Double IPA

When we make our annual pilgrimage

to the hop-growing hotbed of Yakima Valley, we’re like kids in a candy store. We eyeball the hops on the bines, crush them in our hands and rub them til their oils fill the air. LolliHop brings together three of our favorites. Dry-hopping with Citra and Mosaic layers in notes of orange, grapefruit and melon, while Azacca in the kettle adds hints of papaya and pineapple. Locally harvested rustic pale malt provides the backbone, and wheat and oats make this beer silky smooth with a touch of haze.

  • ABV

  • Availability

    Once a Year
  • Color

    Pale Gold
  • Grain

    Oats, Rustic Pale, Wheat
  • Hops

    Azacca, Citra, Mosaic
  • Yeast

    House Ale

Food Notes

Beer and food. They’re better together. Here at Tröegs, we’ve thought long and hard about not just what foods pair with our beers, but why. We’re not out to tell you what to eat, but to inspire you to create pairings that perfectly suit your own palate.

  • Contrasting

    Black Peppercorn Ginger Brown Butter Popcorn Tangy Raw Milk Blue Cheese Roasted Salted Cashews Blackened Chicken
  • Complementary

    Strawberry Shortcake Vanilla Macadamia Nut Pineapple Brie Grilled Pork Chop
  • Adverse

    Sharp Cheeses Kale Chard Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter

Art of Tröegs alum dreamed up magical LolliHop forest

Friend of Tröegs Devin Watson, a Baltimore-based designer, pulls back the curtain on his Candyland-inspired illustration for LolliHop.

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