Mad Elf Ale

Mad Elf Ale

Ale Brewed with Honey and Cherries

It's time! The Mad Elf is here

with its nuanced blend of sweet and tart cherries, Pennsylvania honey, chocolate malt and a hint of mischief. The essence of this legendary holiday ale, along with its ruby red glow, is born from five varieties of tree-ripened cherries. Local wildflower honey sweetens the celebration, and a spicy Belgian yeast adds subtle notes of cinnamon, clove and allspice. It’s not the holidays until you’ve had your first Mad Elf.

  • ABV

  • Availability

    Mid-October - December
  • Color

    Ruby Red
  • Grain

    Chocolate, Munich, Pilsner
  • Cherries

    Bing, Lambert, Van, Royal Ann, Montmorency
  • Yeast

    Spicy Belgian

Food Notes

Beer and food. They’re better together. Here at Tröegs, we’ve thought long and hard about not just what foods pair with our beers, but why. We’re not out to tell you what to eat, but to inspire you to create pairings that perfectly suit your own palate.

  • Complementary

    Cherries Glazed Ham Fennel Pears Marshmallow Yams Dates Figs
  • Contrasting

    Aged Cheddar Pine Nuts Coconut Rosemary Roasted Chestnuts
  • Adverse

    Salmon Peanuts Cayenne Peppermint Broccoli

New look for 2021

“We have a history of reimagining Mad Elf,” says Tröegs brother Chris Trogner. “It’s a beer that really captures the holidays for so many people. And not just beer lovers. A lot of people who don’t regularly drink beer have a special connection with Mad Elf. This new art really captures what people love about it – it’s festive, nostalgic, and a whole lot of fun.”


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