Cordial Elf

Brewery Only



  • Malt:
    • Caramel, Chocolate, Dark Munich, Munich, Pilsner, Special B
  • Yeast:
    • Spicy Belgian
  • Cherries:
    • Bing, Lambert, Montmorency, Royal Ann, Van
  • Additions:
    • Cacao Nibs, Pennsylvania Honey, Vanilla

Dearest admirer,
My local honey lights up your life. The spicy Belgian yeast brings music to your ears. And five varieties of cherries are the wind beneath your wings. Now, I’m bursting with more cherries to make you soar even higher. Some mischief with cacao nibs and vanilla has bestowed upon me notes of a luscious bon bon. Truly, madly, deeply… drink me in.
– Cordially yours, The Mad Elf