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Nugget Nectar First Squeeze is here!

Our popular First Squeeze marketing campaign is back in full swing to offer a bright light in the dead of winter through fresh and inspiring artwork and an even more inspiring and beloved beer. Fans can visit our First Squeeze page to learn about the campaign and to find Nugget Nectar and First Squeeze events in their area. As always, all printable support materials can be found here. Just go to the “marketing campaign POS” section below.

Outside of our campaign resources, some other support materials may require a user name and password to access them. If you work for one of our wholesaler partners and would like to receive access, please email Jeff Herb at jherb@troegs.com.

Logos and Brand Guidelines
Marketing Campaign POS
Price Cards, Case Tuckers, Tap Stickers, Sell Sheets, Shelf Talkers, Etc
Photography & Video
Beer Artwork
Wholesaler Tools & UPC Barcodes
Troegs Brewery Treogenaor

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