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First Cut is back!

Each spring, hop growers dust off their pruning shears and trim the first shoots, bolstering the bines for a rich growing season. First Cut – a mouthful of silky Simcoe and a touch of mango – is a nod to this ritual, without which the world would be a less hoppy place.

We taste: bright citrus, pineapple and pine with a touch of sweet mango

POS & Marketing Materials: All materials including 11″x17″ Price Cards, 8.5″x11″ Case Tuckers, Tap Stickers, Sell Sheets, Photography, and Food Note pairing guides can be found by following this link.

Introducing boysenberry tart ale, from our tart & fruit series!

Our Tart & Fruit Series is the perfect place to showcase boysenberries, a strange and wonderful hybrid of blackberries and raspberries. The jammy juiciness of 12 pounds per barrel of real boysenberries is balanced with a bit of pucker thanks to a first-stage fermentation with lactobacillus. Coriander gives off hints of wildflowers, and a pinch of salt amplifies the refreshing sweet-tart berry goodness.

We taste: sweet-tart jam, wildflowers, citrus

POS & Marketing Materials: 11″x17″ Price Card | 8.5″x11″ Case Tucker | Tap Sticker | Sell Sheet

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