Heads up! The brewery will be closed on Easter Sunday, returning to business as usual on Monday 4/22.


We’re super-proud of our new Double IPA LolliHop. Through tweaks to mash temperatures and the timing of our hop additions, we’ve hit upon a pillowy beer with notes of pear, citrus and a hint of melon.

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Boysenberry Tart Ale

Our brand new Tart & Fruit Series is the perfect place to showcase boysenberries, a strange and wonderful hybrid of blackberries and raspberries.

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Each spring, hop growers dust off their pruning shears and trim the first shoots, bolstering the bines for a rich growing season. First Cut – a mouthful of citrusy Simcoe and sweet mango – is a nod to this annual ritual.


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This bracing sour has a sweet over-ripe nose full of local nectarines. We added brett for funk and lacto for pucker. Oak aging brings it all home.

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Mortal Cherry

What starts as a pie-crust-like blend of wheat and pilsner malt is transformed by a union of sweet Balaton and tart Montmorency cherries.

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Head upstairs to our new Tasting Loft for a scratch-made pizza. Think house-fermented sourdough crust with hand-pulled mozzarella. Weekly specials and 15 taps.

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Art of Tröegs

Love Tröegs? Show us your love by getting in on this year’s Art of Tröegs Contest.

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Splinter beers are for the believers. After 40 winks on oak, these beers are a different story altogether. Sometimes we add fruit for tartness and complexity. Or wild yeast for funk. Sometimes we add both.

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Tröegs Community

While the brewery is the center of our community, our ability to work with local farms, organizations, manufacturers and suppliers is integral to what we do.

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Snack bar

The Snack Bar brings our favorite food memories to life and thrives on local ingredients and seasonal inspiration for made-from-scratch food. Don’t miss our Sunday Brunch specials!

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We’re drawn to people with a sense of adventure and
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