What makes Nimble so Giant? For us, it boils down to a simple formula: ingredients + people + process. It starts in the hop fields, with Simcoe’s notes of creamsicle and mango, Mosaic’s honeysuckle and grapefruit, and Azacca’s pineapple. Back at the brewery, our Scratch team came up with an innovative hopping technique – which we dubbed the Hop Cyclone – to circulate those hop oils from the top to the bottom of our tanks, not missing an ounce of beer. We also found the small window during fermentation to optimize our dry-hopping. In the end is the beautifully bold Nimble Giant, ripe with notes of grapefruit, pineapple and honeysuckle.

Release Schedule

Week of June 10: Most of PA
Week of June 17: NJ, OH, VA, DE, MD, DC, rest of PA
Week of June 24: MA, NY, CT, NC, rest of VA, MD

We will keep this page and our brew finder updated but it can sometimes take a few days for our system to catch up. The best, most reliable way to know where to get Nimble Giant in your area is to contact your favorite beer store directly.

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