Connect the hops experience 

NOTE: On hold until further notice.

Step right up and join the fun of our brand new Connect the Hops Experience here at Tröegs. We’re offering a one-of-a-kind sensory immersion into the little green cones that make our beers citrusy, tropical, woody, resiny, herbal, earthy, spicy, grassy and piney.

After a hoppy welcome beer, we’ll take a trip through our Hop Cooler, perpetually chilling at 38 degrees Fahrenheit. We might even catch a brewer weighing out a load of whole leaf or pellets for an upcoming addition. Speaking of additions, we’ll then hit the brew deck for a brief look at the hot side of brewing, where hops are added during the boil to balance the sweetness of the wort.

Along the way, we’ll talk about where we get hops and what we’re looking for when we source them. We’ll also discuss the differences among bittering, flavor and aroma hops.

After a quick trip past our cellars, we’ll land in the private Barrel Room, where the Connect the Hops game gets under way. You’ll get four 3-oz. samples of beer – all IPAs – and we’ll see if you can (through smell and taste) match each beer to a correlating hop.

Think you’d be able to match up the correct IPA with Citra hops and a slice of grapefruit? Come on in and find out.

Each Connect the Hops guest can look forward to:

1 hour
Cost: $20 per person
Note: This is a 21+ event only.

Call the Tour Desk at (717) 534-1297 x 104 with questions.