Scratch Series



  • Scratch Series:
    • 415
  • Malt:
    • Oats, Pilsner, Unmalted Wheat, Wheat
  • Hops:
    • Crystal
  • Yeast:
    • LaChouffe
  • Additions:
    • Coriander, Lemon Peel, Orange Peel, Pink Peppercorns

Scratch #415 is a traditional witbier pushed in nontraditional directions via fermentation. Yeast has a mind of its own, but by manipulating the way it’s grown, when it’s pitched, and the nutrients it consumes, you can coax out certain flavors. For this beer, we steered LaChouffe yeast toward lemon and floral notes and amplified those flavors with additions of lemon peel and dried spices. Orange peel bridges the gap between the spirited citrus notes and pop of pink peppercorn.

We taste: lemon rind, orange peel, dried spices