Session IPA (Low-Cal)

Scratch Series



  • Scratch Series:
    • 372
  • Malt:
    • Chit Malt, Idaho Pilsner, Oats
  • Hops:
    • Cascade, Chinook, Comet
  • Yeast:
    • Hornindal Kveik

The latest challenge our Scratch team has taken on is a low-calorie IPA that doesn’t compromise on flavor. The malt path that helps keep the calories down is a blend of Idaho pilsner malt, oats and chit malt. On top of that, we layered in the “C” hops: Cascade, Chinook and Comet, and we boosted the classic fruity notes of the hops with the pineapple-forward Hornindal Kveik yeast. In the end, we nailed 97 calories with fresh notes of grapefruit, pine and subtle spice.

We taste: grapefruit, pine, subtle spice

Availability: draft & growler fills only.