Session IPA (Low-Cal v2.0)

Scratch Series



  • Scratch Series:
    • 373
  • Malt:
    • Honey Malt, Oats, Pale, Pilsner
  • Hops:
    • Cascade, Chinook, Comet
  • Yeast:
    • Liberty Ale

Scratch #372 represents take 2 on our low-cal challenge. This time around, we’ve tweaked the malt bill. The chit malt is out, and we’ve added pale and honey malts to push the color to a more golden hue while adding subtle sweet, toasty notes. The hops stay the same – Cascade, Chinook and Comet – and we’ve brewed this one with Liberty Ale yeast for its delicate fruity esters.

We taste: orange, grassiness, hint of toasted bread

Availability: draft & growler fills only.