Raspberry Tart Ale

Once a Year / On Tap



  • Additions:
    • Raspberries, Sea Salt, Coriander
  • Fermentation:
    • Lactobacillus, House Yeast
  • Color:
    • Raspberry

Tart red raspberries are the star of this refreshing show. A first fermentation with lactobacillus gives this beer its pucker, while a second pass with our house ale yeast produces soft, fruity esters. A hint of Himalayan pink salt amplifies the flavor of tart raspberry jam, and coriander adds delicate notes of wildflowers.

We taste: tart raspberries, lemon rind, wildflowers

Availability: Anthology Summer (bottles); Greetings from Tröegs 15-pack (cans); 6-packs of 12-ounce cans

Food Notes

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  • Philadelphia Inquirer "Brewvitational" - Best New Beer 2019 - 3rd Place