Hibiscus Sour

Scratch Series



  • Scratch Series:
    • 490
  • Malt:
    • Pilsner, Vienna, Wheat
  • Hops:
    • Galena
  • Yeast:
    • House Ale
  • Additions:
    • Dried Hibiscus Flowers

Prepare to pucker up with Scratch #490 Hibiscus Sour! We’re no strangers to using hibiscus as an ingredient – Crimson Pistil, anyone? For this tart, spritzy ale, we threw in a pound of dried hibiscus flowers per barrel to impart a tangy, berry-like acidity. Built on wheat, pilsner and Vienna malt, we first ferment with lactic acid at the perfect pH and temperature. A secondary fermentation with house ale yeast, plus a higher carbonation, lends a champagne-like texture. In the end, this delicate, pink-hued sour ale won’t make you cry, but it’ll most likely make you pucker.