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Congratulations to this year’s tröegs trip winner!

Many thanks to the more than 2,000 people who entered the Tröegs Trip contest this year and shared inspiring stories of fun and friendship, unforgettable family moments, or how a trip helped them through a difficult time. Our winner, Bobby Sayers, ultimately won us over with his unique, self-deprecating and very funny story about adolescence and personal growth during a sweltering summer in upstate New York. Now that we’ve chosen a winner, keep an eye on our social media to follow Bobby’s adventure to Tröegs next spring.

The contest-winning entry:

Let me first start out by saying that once you hit puberty, being a Boy Scout is pretty lame. At the same time, let me also mention that camping (most of the time) can be pretty awesome. Now that I’ve gotten the disclaimer out of the way, I’ll just swallow my pride and let you know that this story takes place at Boy Scout camp in upstate New York when I was approximately 14 give or take (I think).
Having grown up in the suburbs, most of my wildery experience happened in short, controlled bursts via my time as a Boy Scout (for better or worse). During said time, things got their most nature-dense during the one week I would spend every summer up at Boy Scout camp (about an hour away from Lake George, NY, in the middle of fairly nowhere). Although we would do weekend trips throughout the year, summer camp was the longest of all camp-outs and left you the most exposed to the elements (as we slept in canvas tents from god knows when that didn’t have any zippers, rather than our usual state-of-the-art gear).
One particular year as I was getting older, there was an opportunity to take a step even further into the realms of campingdom and go on a multi-day trek into the woods. Naturally, myself and a few of the other more scrappy dudes jumped at the chance, and away into the depths we went, lead by an older, very stereotypical hippie camping bro.
I can’t exactly remember how far we canoed, carried our canoes, and hiked into the woods but it was the very first time that I felt like I was truly deep in nature. There was no sign of human life to be found. No campsites, no firepits, no roads, no cabins – no nothing. If shit hit the fan, which luckily it didn’t, we would be moderate amounts of f@*%ed, and knowing that is what made it a real adventure. For once, I really had to watch my step and keep my head on a swivel or my day could take a very annoying turn.
During that three-day excursion we crossed paths with all types of wild life, most notably a reasonably sized bear that walked directly through our campsite (a very true detail that many notable friends and family chose not to believe), and made our way through tall grass, murky water, and all other kinds of nasty habitats. It was as much exhilarating at times as it was a bitch and three quarters at others. When your canoe is gliding through the water on a sunny day you’re on top of the world, but when you’re carrying the f@*%ing thing over your head to the tune of everyone else’s B.O. it’s less than amazing. It had ups and downs, but it was a great experience any way you slice it.
When we finally got back to the normal camp, we were covered in more sun burns, bug bites, and a very special kind of stink but we had emerged victorious and feeling like ever-so-slightly less of weenies.
I know that a camping story from Boy Scout camp sounds lame, and I mean – compared to someone’s tale of scaling K2 it is – but for me and my little slice of life, that was my favorite summer adventure and I really believe that I’m a [at least very slightly] different person for having pursued it. Get out there and get you some wild!

Bobby’s Prize: A once-in-a-lifetime trip to Tröegs’ Hershey, PA brewery including the following:

  • Ground transportation to/from Troegs’ brewery with two Troegs employees to guide you on your adventure
  • Two nights’ lodging
  • Two pit-stop adventures of your choosing
  • VIP tour of the brewery
  • VIP dinner at the Tröegs tasting room
  • $500 gift card to the Tröegs general store


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