Hop CYcle

With hops in hand and curiosity as our guide, we conjured up the Hop Cycle to explore the possibilities of our favorite flower. Along the way, we discovered that the citrus of Simcoe elevates the delicate sweetness of mango, that sticky Azacca plays well with the tart tannins of hibiscus, and that – left to shine – Cascade, Centennial and Chinook are classics for a reason.

The beers


the illustrations

Shoutout to Philly-bred designer and illustrator Grace Hwang for working with us on this series of Hop Cycle illustrations. “It was a real back-and-forth trying to strike the right balance of flavor cues and storytelling,” says Grace. “I think my favorite is Crimson Pisil. That ‘glorious tangle’ of hops and hibiscus and the ‘sunset technicolor’ was fun to play with. I was looking at a lot of psychedelic posters when I was doing that one.”


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